Board Letter to the Congregation — June 2021

Board Letter to the Congregation

Fellow Congregants,

This letter is a new strategy. In an effort to heighten transparency and information sharing from the Board, we are implementing a monthly “Letter from the Board”.

The Board is excited to announce we will very soon be reopening the Sanctuary and outdoor space in Charlotte to small church group meetings (Not Sunday Services). There are specific requirements for use of the space, based on recommendations from the ad hoc COVID-19 Safety Committee. Application for use can be made through the Church office. The office will announce a date as soon as supplies are on hand and preparations are completed.

Small church groups may reserve the University Gathering Sanctuary or its outdoor space for meeting IF said group:
• Makes application to reserve space through the Church office and is approved in advance
• Ensures each person wears a mask
• Maintains social distancing, e.g., spacing chairs at least 6’ apart for people not of the same household
• Group leader ensures at least 80% of the people are fully vaccinated (Please note: invasive inquiry is discouraged. Group leader should only ask if each person is vaccinated or not.)
• Agrees to self-report to the Chair of the Covid Committee if, within two weeks after visiting the church, one becomes Covid-19 positive
• Agree to fully cooperate in any needed contact tracing
• No singing
• No food or beverages
• Bring as few items into the space as possible and make sure nothing is left behind
• Use no church props or technology without specific approval, including candles and lighters
• The group leader accepts responsibility to ensure space used is cleaned following the gathering with products the church will make available (See Bathroom and Sanctuary cleaning guidelines)

More exciting signs of being together again are the June 19th campus clean-up (contact Michael Demby to sign up) and plans for an in-person auction in November.

The Financial Report shows our overall net income for 2021 is $1,615 as of the end of April. Month-to-month cash flow varies and for April it as -$8,040.

The UUA’s fiscal year being June to June, we were asked to make our UUA pledge this month. Given our financial status, the Board felt it was not frugal to increase the pledge. We committed to the same annual pledge of $8,316 for the period of July 2021 to June 2022.

The Board is grateful to all the members who have participated in the Listening Sessions, to be completed June 6th. They’ve elicited very positive and important information that will help drive future planning.

There is news that our previous gathering space at the Temple in Salisbury is in process of being sold. The Salisbury Gathering Team is hard at work determining needs and identifying options. Thank you to those who have responded to the survey about that

Help needed:
• UUA GA Delegate positions are open. Please contact Rev. Holly, Deb or anyone on the Board if you are interested.
• The Leadership Development Committee has one opening. Please contact anyone on the Board if you are interested.
• Religious Education Team needs a lead. Please contact Rev. Holly or anyone on the Board.

• Our Congregational Administrator Deb Davelka and Administrative Assistant Ali Allen for their exceptional perseverance and dedication to Piedmont UU Church through these past few months.
• Members of the Worship Team Cosette Blackmer, Nancy DeLux, Michelle Murphy, Lucy Neel, and Bob Voelker for graciously and expertly taking on added responsibilities as we prepare to function for a time without a minister.
• Teresa Rowell who has stepped down from the Leadership Development Committee to take care of family responsibilities. Teresa has served in numerous leadership positions at Piedmont over the years and we are grateful.

You are always encouraged to review full minutes from recent Board meetings in the membership section of and to reach out to the Board with concerns, questions, suggestions at

Be well, stay safe, and we will see one another again soon!
Elaine Slaton, President
Steve Whitfield, Vice President
Lou Gardiner-Parks, Treasurer
Cecilia Rigg, Secretary
Diane Daum
Beth Foreman
Doug Wall