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Spiritually Speaking: A Simple No Will Do!

Spiritually Speaking: A Simple No Will Do! I am a person who thrives on having several projects going on at once.  It’s part of my nature to enjoy the pace of diverse work that requires gear-shifting and new skills.  And I am, admittedly, a person who also can slip into being busy to avoid, to […]

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Introduction to This Month’s Theme, Blessing

by Rev. Robin What Does It Mean To Be A People of Blessing? A Soul Matters facilitator writes, “I guess after plan A fails, I need to remember there’s a whole alphabet.” It’s not just our friend who needs help remembering that “there’s a whole alphabet” out there; it’s all of us. We all get […]

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Spiritually Speaking: Bless Your Heart

When I first arrived in North Carolina, I was already aware that “bless your heart” was not something you would really want to hear! I can honestly say that I’ve only had three folks in six years say “bless your heart” to me.  If I am really honest, I probably was deserving of receiving the […]

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