April Letter from the Minister

Letter from the Minister

Our theme for April is interdependence. There are so many ways we are interconnected with each other and with creation. One special event we once again look forward to is the Earth Day Jam in Salisbury, followed by our worship service focused on the earth the next day.

We will explore interdependence with the earth, with each other, and with community during this coming month. I encourage you each day this month to think of one way you are dependent on someone or something else. Perhaps it’s giving thanks for truck drivers who have delivered food to the grocery store. Perhaps it’s the people who made your clothing. Perhaps it’s for sanitation workers who collect garbage and recycling. Perhaps it’s for people who fill the potholes on the roads we drive. Perhaps it’s for the person who gave you a kind smile when it was not the best day, or the loved one who let you know how much you love them.

During these 30 days, I hope you will come up with 30 different instances of interdependence, give thanks for them, and share them with someone in our community.

Blessings and Peace,
Rev. Amy