April 22 Town Hall Meeting at the University Gathering

April 22 Town Hall Meeting at the University Gathering

Approximately 40 members attended a town hall meeting at the University Gathering after the service on Sunday, April 22 led by Board of Trustees President Sam Treadaway. Town hall meetings are not meetings for the purpose of voting, but for information sharing and discussion.

Sam explained that the board met on April 19 and voted for several changes to the 2018 budget. There are several items in the current budget that will not be needed, one of which was $5000 for the ministerial search. Also, some additional funds have been received, primarily additional pledges. As a result, the board voted unanimously to approve hiring a part-time Religious Education Coordinator for the period July 1 through December 31, 2018. This position has been a very high priority, and the search to fill the position has begun.

In addition, $2000 was added to the budget for the final six months of the year for a guest minister once a month. $500 was budgeted for the Endowment Committee. A congregational vote was not needed for these budget changes because the amount involved is less than 10%.

The shared plate collection was restored in January and Frank Mabrey, Treasurer, reported to the board that church income was not affected negatively by giving 50% of the undesignated plate collection away. Three non-profits received donations in January, February and March. The board voted to continue the shared plate for the remainder of 2018, and recipients have been identified.

Some additional information was shared and several questions answered. Becky Schisler, President-Elect, is chairing a committee to review and update the church by-laws. She stated that the work is about halfway complete and the goal is to have them finished by July 1. She plans to have an informational session with the congregation, and there will be a congregational vote sometime after that to approve them. As soon as the work on by-laws is complete, the committee will begin work on policies and procedures.

Sam shared a handout on Collaborative Leadership and this generated several questions about policy governance. Sam said there is misunderstanding about just what policy governance is and it is another area where membership education is needed. In our current structure, committees report to the board of trustees and teams report to the minister. Teams include pastoral care, worship, membership, social justice, religious education, building and grounds, and several others that constitute the church’s ministry. Committees include fundraising, endowment fund, finance, human resources, leadership development, and several others. This was established several years ago to prevent an overload of details coming to the board for discussion and decision.

Sam will be at the Salisbury Gathering on April 29 to conduct a town hall meeting there.

Anne Laukaitis, Secretary

Board of Trustees