Annual Commitment Time ~ An Analysis of Our Pledges

Annual Commitment Time ~ An Analysis of Our Pledges

The Finance Committee along with our current and future board presidents and minister have now met on more than one occasion to construct a budget within our means for 2019 based on our current pledge amount. Soon, the board will meet to vote on the budget before presenting it in its final form to you as a congregation for your approval.

Below, you’ll find a detailed analysis of our commitments for 2019. Your generosity keeps our doors open! To date, 101 pledge units (meaning some individuals and some couples) have pledged a total of $ 202,459.00. We will surpass this number as folks send in pledges and as new members join.

We have approximately 40 members still on the roster who have not submitted a pledge. Some have moved out of state. Many of these folks have not been present for much or most of 2017-2018, and as mentioned in a previous article, we will send out one final communication as a means of checking in with individuals to see if they wish to remain members. This is an important aspect of record keeping in terms of the democratic process for decision making as a body.

In spite of a significant loss in numbers following the departure of a settled minister of six years and then more loss during a challenging interim period, we are doing well in this new ministry. In other words, fewer people have given more money than last year at this time. Thank you for keeping this ship afloat and for raising the sails to journey forward in a new year.

Some “units” increased their pledge amount; a few units decreased. We are very appreciative of those who offered explanations along with their increase or decrease (e.g., retirement affecting one’s level of income, etc.).

We offer the current mean, median, mode, and range of our pledges for 2019:
Mean (average pledge): $ 2,004.54
Median (middle value): $ 1,500.00
Mode (most repeated pledge amount): $ 1,200.00
Range (difference between the largest pledge at $15,000 and the smallest pledge at $100): $ 14,900.00

In the analysis below, you’ll notice that all but 3 of 101 pledges are round numbers. The following sample includes all the pledges we have received to date for 2019:

We hope you find this information helpful. As we move into the new year, we’ll encourage generous giving from a place of abundance. What if we all gave more? If 100 people gave 100 extra dollars? That’s $ 10,000– or the equivalent of a second part-time minister. What if 100 people gave a dollar a day? That’s $36,500.

Please join me in offering gratitude to our Finance Committee, our treasurer, our Annual Commitment Time lead, and our board president. All of the following people have contributed to this process: Jeff Jennings, Lisa Dickinson, Pam Whistler, Perry Babcock, Doug Wall, Glen McLaughlin, Sam Treadaway, Becky Schisler, Alan Davis, Frank Mabrey, and Deb Davelka. I appreciate all of you and am very grateful for your contributions.

Peace and much gratitude to everyone! Together, we move forward with surety.
~Rev. Mary Frances