A Letter from your Minister — June 2020

Minister's Letter

Dear Beloveds,

Since the world witnessed the public execution of Mr. George Floyd, age old trauma has once again been reignited for our siblings of color. People of conscience can not rest while any parent worries about the safety of their brown or black children every time they venture out of their homes–to simply walk or jog down the street, to drive a car, or to go to a park. Protests around the country and even in other parts of the world point to the sickness of a nation plagued not by one but by two deadly viruses–one a pandemic and the other the chronic sin of racism.

To add to the unrest, the pain, the anger, and the sheer exhaustion of black and brown siblings’ souls, the current occupant of the White House has all but declared war on the nation’s people who are rising up in predominantly peaceful protests across the country in numbers like never before. Thus, it has never been more important to show up and to center the experience of Black Lives. While some are not able to protest due to physical or other limitations, there are many ways to contribute to change, and this month’s newsletter provides links so that you can take immediate action in some form. 

We offer articles and information related to protesting, advocating, learning about white privilege, contacting local officials, and making amends in the form of giving to one of the listed (see the June 2020 newsletter) funds or to some other effective organization.

Last Friday, former President Obama urged Americans to “work together to create a ‘new normal’ in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions or out hearts.” His essay also noted: “The more specific we can make demands for criminal justice and police reform, the harder it will be for elected officials to just offer lip service to the cause and then fall back into business as usual once protests have gone away.”Click here for entire article.

Indeed, may we work together to create that “new normal.” 

In the midst of it all, continue to reach out to one another each week, and keep connections strong during the uprising and ongoing pandemic. Please also continue to exercise caution as we are still in the midst of COVID-19. Our buildings remain closed, but our church is wherever you are.

In Revolutionary love,

~Rev. Mary Frances