A Letter from your Minister — January 2021

Minister's Letter


Love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness,
 goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, and self-control.


Dear Beloveds,

Welcome to a new year, a new day, and to our January theme of Deepening Consolation! What a blessing to continue this journey with you.

On Sunday we said goodbye to 2020 with our virtual burning bowl (Fire Communion) ceremony and ushered in a new year with the blessing of our prayer cards. Until we meet again in person, perhaps you’d like to write your intentions, wishes, hopes, messages to the universe, or prayers on a 3×5 card and hang on to those to add to our stands at the University and Salisbury Gatherings when we return to our physical locations.

When will we gather again in person? We don’t know yet. At this point, cases are at an all-time high in NC. Some individuals have received their first vaccinations. The next goal for countries all over the world is “herd immunity.” Meanwhile, maintaining our connections is ever important. Many of our members have either had the virus or lost friends or family to it. We grieve alongside you and will honor you and your loved ones by maintaining the safest guidelines possible to protect all lives.

As I said to you on our first Sunday of this new year, thank you for being present. Thank you for logging in and clicking on those Zoom links. Thank you for faithfully showing up week after week and creating and BEING church for and with one another.

You may remember a framed quote I brought to each Gathering that says “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” You’ll notice at services now that it’s hanging behind my head during our recordings. What future do you want to create for yourself in 2021? What future do you plan to help fashion for us as a church? Dream big! And big doesn’t necessarily mean numbers (though, it can); it means a thriving, healthy church that’s bursting at the seams with possibilities for living into our mission of nurturing spirits, cherishing diversity, cultivating justice, and radiating love.

Whether you embrace or eschew new year’s resolutions personally, we know that as a church family we can accomplish a great deal together with intention, purpose, mission, and vision as we move forward with open minds, open hearts, and love and kindness.

May it be so! Indeed, let us make it so.

Blessed be,

~Rev. Mary Frances