A Letter from Your Minister — December 2018

A Letter from Your Minister

Dear Folks,
Welcome to December and to our theme of Mystery.

The denotation of this word directs us to things that are difficult or possibly even impossible to understand or “solve”–like certain aspects of astrophysics. A Black Hole is a mystery. Sometimes things far less substantial are mysteries–like the location of your keys or of that one of two socks you know you put in the dryer.

Then there are the weightier mysteries.

What is the meaning of life?
What happens to us when our time on Earth is finished?
Why is there so much suffering in the world?
These are all valid questions–the stuff of which various philosophical schools of thought are made and the questions that religions around the world seek to address.

Another mystery is the feeling that time passes by more quickly as we age. Does it feel as though 2018 has flown by to you? Here we are on the brink of another holiday season during which mysteries are often intertwined with stories of miracles or narratives that lead us to a place of awe. In that way, Christmas and Hanukkah hold mysteries as well.

During this season of gift-giving, a time intended to point us to spiritual foundations, may we be a gift to others. And during this time of turmoil for our country, as we are witnessing immigrants and asylum seekers suffer cruelties at the hands of those who deny their worth and dignity, may we be reminded of the story of Christmas, of a family who traveled so far, weary and in need of shelter and kindness.

The season celebrates the birth of an infant Herod sought to destroy. Herod was motivated by fear–perhaps fear of losing his throne to this baby king. Imagine how different the narrative might be if Herod had chosen Love.

Recently, our leaders decided to act from a place of fear and tear-gas refugees. We’ve seen this before. The water protectors. The civil rights activists. And now children.

May we provide voices of reason and compassion this holiday season; may we be the innkeepers for the weary travelers; and may we be who we say we are.
In peace and with much gratitude for this year with you,
~Rev. Mary Frances

Visit Project Safe Harbor: Alliance for Immigrant and Family Welfare and/or Immigrant Families together to learn about ways to help meet the needs of our immigrant sisters and brothers.