A Letter from Your Minister — August

A Letter from Your Minister

Greetings, Beloved Community.

Dear Folks,

Welcome to the month of August!

Our theme for this month is Generosity. What comes to mind when you think of generosity?

Recently, I went to hear someone speak, and I hadn’t been able to find the “registration” form for the program online, so I asked about this on the way to the event.  As it turned out, there was no online registration (imagine that!), and the cost was based on what people felt was appropriate. It was suggested that attendees consider their own hourly income and then make a donation based on the hours spent at the conference.

So, if you make $9.00 per hour and spent an hour at the conference, that seems more than reasonable for a fee!  Depending on one’s perspective, this amount could seem insufficient or even insulting; while, for others, $9.00 really is a true offering of generosity and perhaps even a sacrifice.

If you make $75 per hour and spent 8 hours at the conference (it was over the course of three days), that would be $600.  That seems…Wait…that’s a lot of money! How does that feel?

The consideration of what to donate really came down to how individuals valued what was offered or how they valued the time of the presenter.  Was her time, effort, preparation, travel, and experience worth their time, financially speaking? Was it worth more? Less?

I contemplated what to give.  What would be enough? What would be generous?

A “generosity-o-meter” would be helpful in those moments, but I thought to myself as I pondered my own contribution: “If I have an inkling that this isn’t enough, then it isn’t enough.”

As we approach September and our annual giving campaign, I invite you to join me in spending some time thinking about what generosity looks like and feels like for you as it relates to your church home.

What does generosity of spirit look like?  Generosity of time or talent? And as you begin to contemplate your pledge for 2019 (that campaign will begin and end in September), what feels like generosity, financially speaking?

As for the one-day conference I attended where money was never mentioned, it ended up feeling rather priceless, so I actually revisited my initial contribution.  It feels good to feel good about giving–whether it’s $9.00 or $600.

Blessed be, Beloveds.  Walk in Love.

May it be so.

~Rev. Mary Frances