A Letter from Your Minister — April 2019

A Letter from Your Minister

A Letter from Your Minister

We need to see…that what we seek already lives within us and we within it. Now we know our one great task: watch for whatever promises us freedom, and then quietly, consciously refuse to see ourselves through the eyes of what we know is incomplete. Then we live wholeness itself, instead of spending our lives looking for it. ~Guy Finley

Dear Folks,
Welcome to spring and to our monthly theme of WHOLENESS. I believe Guy Finley is correct in that what we seek in our search for wholeness already lives inside us. The answers we look for with a gaze fixed upon things outside ourselves can certainly bring us knowledge or even wisdom, but there is a certain wholeness that can only be experienced when we are in touch with our deepest selves–from the core of who we are.

Take moments to check in with yourself this month. Notice when you feel most whole or when you feel an acute lack of wholeness. Notice what things leave you feeling enriched and full. Seek out the things that help you reach that sense of wholeness, but in the seeking, don’t forget to look within where your own deep well of wisdom resides.

April brings with it all the beauty of spring. The flowering trees, the daffodils, forsythia, and hints of the green that will soon offer us a verdant backdrop through the sanctuary windows.

Even as we enjoy the blossoms of spring, summer is at our heels, and with summer comes the departure of our beloved Dr. Carl as he leaves in June to pursue a wonderful opportunity at Peabody School of Music at Johns Hopkins in Maryland. Be assured that we have a wonderful team working on filling the role of music director. By the time you read this letter, our interview process will have begun.

Meanwhile, we have some special services to look forward to in April including our Annual Flower Communion which falls on Easter Sunday as well as a service centered around social justice at the end of the month. We also have our annual leadership retreat which will be held at The Farm in Mint Hill on April 13th. This will truly be a retreat as well as a learning and bonding experience.

Looking back for a moment of gratitude, the month of March held so many blessings–including a visit from my friend and colleague, Rev. Kathy Beasley, on our first Sunday of new service times.

We saw many improvements to campus in March, and these will continue apace. If you haven’t visited our garden, head over that way the next time you’re at church, and treat yourself to a bag of freshly picked greens or a carrot straight from the ground! Connie and Michele have done a beautiful job of planting and tending. What a miracle this Earth is, and what an endless supply of gifts she offers us!

Thank you for the blessing of YOU. Thank you for being a part of this Beloved Community.

Peace and Light,
~Rev. Mary Frances

April 24th at 6:30 – Newcomer Orientation at the University Gathering
May 5th – New Member Recognition Service