A Letter from Your Lead Minister

A Letter from Your Lead Minister

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.
 ~ Willie Nelson

Dear Folks,

Welcome to the month of June and the theme of Blessing!  Can you believe we’re halfway through the year?

As you’ll see from Rev. Amy’s article this month, she is concluding her 6 month contract with us.  What a blessing she has been and is!

She and I ventured out together these last six months determined to get 2018 off to a good start.  I’m very grateful for the unexpected roles she filled (we had no idea she would be taking over RE responsibilities when she was hired), and she graciously stepped into organizing and planning while also focusing some on social justice with ADORE (A Dialogue On Race and Ethnicity). In addition to that, she offered the first Adult Religious Education classes we’ve had in a long time and offered thoughtful sermons each month.

Meanwhile, I focused on worship, care, and “careening the boat.”  Rev. Amy has been a tremendous gift to me and to our ministry and Beloved Community; thus, I’m delighted to share that she will still be joining us once a month for preaching for the remainder of the year.

We went from programming that had four speakers to just the two of us on a part-time basis. FYI, church work is a very full-time endeavor even when it’s a part-time contract, so I’m very grateful for the countless extra hours Rev. Amy offered us.

I echo her words of encouragement and wisdom that our Religious Education program is of the utmost importance to us–not just in the right now for our children but also in the not yet future of Unitarian Universalism.  The first Sunday of June offers a fine example of the ministry of our faith as we “bridge” Sarah Dutton from childhood to adulthood.

Join me in thanking Rev. Amy for her ministry with us! And a special thanks to her daughter and sous chef, Evelyn, for helping pioneer our first ever Pancake Supper!

You know, those pancakes were just a vision and a topic of conversation in December, but they were solid buttery goodness topped with Merna’s extraordinary blueberry syrup for the last two months.

That’s how most things come to fruition.  You have a vision, and you live into it.

May it be so for us.

Peace to you,

Rev. Mary Frances