A Letter from your Co-Ministers — November 2021

Co-Ministers’ Letter

Dear PUUC Community,

You welcomed us with warmth, love, and understanding during this past month. We’re excited to join you and grow with you. One of the things we’ll be adding is a monthly newsletter to help keep our community connected and engaged in the life of the congregation.

This month we will be focusing on the theme of non-violence. Sometimes the concept of non-violence sounds passive and weak. But have you ever considered it to be a form of power? Violence is often seen as powerful over the practice of non-violence. Let’s consider the ways that we move in the world. What ways have we been violent? You may be thinking, “I haven’t been violent! I haven’t caused bodily harm!” What about our words? What about our body language? In Jewish Midrash, it is said that a person blushes from embarrassment because a piece of their soul has been wounded. The face fills with the redness of a bloodied inner wound. In what ways can our words and our actions be salve in a wounded world? How can we overcome the violence of indifference and complacency in our communities?

While we strive for non-violence, violence does exist. Our transgender siblings frequently experience violence enacted by state laws, communities, and/or individuals based on sexuality and/or gender identity. This violence can be physical, psychological, verbal, emotional, social, political, or a combination of them all. In honor of our transgender siblings who have been harmed, hurt, or robbed of their light from our world, we will also host an online educational event focusing on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

As this time of year is often filled with reminders of gratitude, we give thanks and we work to open our hearts and minds to the work that is necessary in our communities. For this, our PUUC community, we are grateful to be here with you and to help grow with you.

Michelle and Shakeisha