A Letter from your Co-Ministers — December 2021

Co-Ministers’ Letter

Call to Worship and Action
Adapted from Sharon Wylie
It is said that ministers are here to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.
I say, we are all afflicted, and we are all comfortable.
May our time together be a comfort and a confrontation.
May we here find peace in times of tumult;
May we here invite tumult into lives of peace.
May we here find calm in times of restlessness;
May we here allow restlessness to evolve into action.
Let this be the place you consider what you’ve never considered;
Let this be the place you imagine for yourself something new and unthinkable.
May this hour bring dreams of new ways of being in the world.
Come, let us worship together.

Joy to the world… affliction has come? Who wants to suffer and be in distress? How about none of us. And yet, discomfort is often the catalyst for justice, change, healing, and resolution. Our theme for the month of December is “healing.” As we worship together this month, we will touch on a diverse spiritual array of winter celebrations, to help educate and guide us, as we move into a season of wintering and a space of healing. Before everything becomes illuminated, can we appreciate the darkness? Not all darkness is suffering and strife, but rather a time and space of healing, recovery, strategy, reflection, and faith. We are challenged in setting intentions into the void of night. Let our afflictions give birth to the daylight of hope. How can we draw inspiration on healing from different traditions, or perhaps more importantly, how can we invite ritual to help us in our healing? As we are warmed by the lights of the season, may we find comfort in what is sacred, beautiful, precious, and nostalgic. May we be challenged to bring that comfort to all beings one little light at a time.
In kindness and gratitude,

Shakeisha and Michelle, your co-ministers