2023 Annual Meeting in Review

2023 Annual meeting Hightlights

The church’s Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, December 10, 2023, following the service. Forty-four members signed in and were physically present to vote at the meeting. The meeting had several very significant highlights. A bylaw change was unanimously approved to allow digital and electronic voting. This reflects changes in how members participate since the original bylaw allowing in person voting only. Six additional members were able to vote electronically after the bylaw was passed.

Jeff B, member of the Leadership Development Committee, presented the slate of officers for 2024, for the Board of Trustees, Endowment Committee and Leadership Development Committee. Diane D, Vanessa S-S, and Elaine D. were elected to two year terms as members-at-large. Karen H. was elected to serve as board secretary. Sue F. and Scott H. were elected to the Leadership Development Committee. David L. was elected to the Endowment Committee:

This year, for the first time, two separate budgets were presented for member review and approval.

The Operating Budget includes typical annual expenses, and the second, a Capital Budget, is new for 2024.

Treasurer Lisa D. presented the Operating Budget and reviewed some highlights, including increased pledge income through the Generosity campaign $192K in pledges, up 7%. For the first time in several years the 2024 budget is a balanced budget. There are increases in program areas: social action, music, worship and outreach. The total income and expenses for the budget each total $258,989

Neil M. presented the Church’s first capital budget. Neil explained that is the first list of investments using proceeds from the land sale. Several exciting improvement projects were passed and will be underway shortly, including new chairs for both UG and SG, flooring for the entry and hall, and much work on the campus, including the cutting of several dead trees, removal of dead woo and debris, cleanup of all natural areas with dead plant removals, pruning and mulching. A major painting project included in the 2023 budget is the repainting of the entry, hall, sanctuary and both bathrooms in late December with a bequest from Lucy Neel, a longtime member who died at the end of 2022.

The hiring of a Lifespan Religious Educator is also included in the Capital budget. The position will be filled in 2024 and capital funds will support the position in deceasing amounts for several years until the operating budget is strong enough to assume full responsibility. This position was a top priority for members attending the Listening Circles in the spring of 2023. Both the Operating Budget and the Capital Budget were approved unanimously by the voting membership.

At the Conclusion of Annual Meeting, President Steve W. thanked the many members who served during the year on numerous teams and committees, formal and adhoc. It was a year of generous participation. He thanked leaders of teams, chairs of committees and members of the Board of Trustees, 

Congregational Care – Val W., Diane L.
Generosity – Harry Lancaster, Rhiannon Estwick
Membership – Gail S-A
Music – Elaine D.
Religious Education – Diane D.
Salisbury Gathering  -Pam B.
Social Action – Ali A.
Communications – Karen D.

Building and Grounds – Jeff C.
Finance – Neil M.
Fundraising – Karl H.
PPP-PUUC Liaison – Anne L.
Property Investigative – Steve W.
Outreach – Karen H.
Strategic Planning – Steve W.
Sacred Circle Garden – Jeff B. and Anne L.
Leadership Development – Beth F.
Endowment: Karl H.

Board of Trustees
Diane D., Lisa D., Karen H., Amanda H., Anne L., Neil M., Steve W.

Staff: Ali A., Anne A., Emma G-P, Deb D., Rev. Dr. Amy R.

Anne Laukaitis, Secretary, BOT